What We Do


We help you deliver your message through an integrated and sustainable approach to advertising.
Our advertising network includes print, digital campaigns, pay-per-click, billboards, banner and display ads, blogs and social engagement to partnerships with other websites.  Read More >>


If you don’t define your brand – your customers will do it for you.
It’s one of the reasons your customers do business with you. We’ve found that if you don’t define your brand, your customers will do it for you.  Read More >>

Email Marketing

Last year, every dollar spent in email marketing provided a $43.52/dollar return.
Our email marketing platform, armEM, (Email Marketing) is the perfect blend of email strategy, design, deliverability and ease-of-use in one simple, enterprise-level, analytics-loaded platform.  Read More >>

Media Buying

With over 25 years of combined experience, ArMuS has the knowledge and relationships for your media production, management and buys.
Our job is not just to know what types of media, whether TV, radio, print or digital, will get results, but to know how it will fold seamless into your brand, and how to manage the relationships that keep your campaign up to date, and in the spotlight.  Read More >>

Internet Marketing

The internet allows you to reach millions of customers each and every day.
We can help you develop online marketing strategies that get you out there, get you talking and help you compete.  Read More >>

Strategic Planning

Creating integrated marketing programs that are compelling, innovative and results-driven is what makes us tick.
The key to making your marketing programs tick, and catch fire in the marketplace, is developing the proper strategy at the get-go.  Read More >>

Public Relations

A well designed public relations campaign proves time and again to have a greater impact than traditional marketing or advertising campaigns.
ArMuS PR is there when you need to “get the word out” to the public about your brand. One of the benefits of press releases is the same time you’re getting valuable content out to your markets, you’re also getting it straight to the search engines.  Read More >>

Food & Beverage

As food and beverage providers, your serving up experiences – Let us help you make those experiences stick.
Our seasoned marketing experts can help you attract new customers, up the love with existing customers, improve customer loyalty and frequency of visits and create and extend brand value. Becuase that’s what we’ve been doing for twenty years.  Read More >>

Social Media

With over 800 million users, Facebook is getting harder and harder for businesses to ignore.
Long gone are the days when saying “my customers aren’t on Facebook” was a valid excuse for rejecting social media marketing. The truth is they’re out there, and you need to join them.

Strategy & Creative Design

Understanding your corporate communications goal is the cornerstone of our approach to events.
By combining marketing communications, online registration, event management and production under one roof we are able to ensure that your corporate branding and messaging are incorporated into every aspect of your event.  Read More >>