Social Media

With over 800 million users, Facebook is getting harder and harder for businesses to ignore.


Long gone are the days when saying “my customers aren’t on Facebook” was a valid excuse for rejecting social media marketing. The truth is they’re out there, and you need to join them.


The visibility and success of your website across multiple channels depends upon you ‘getting involved in the conversation’.


As early social media adopters and rooftop-shouters of its benefits, we offer a range of social media development, optimization, management and training services to help you, or your team, get your feet wet or dive in head first to the social conversation-after some planning and strategy building, of course.


Our social media services include:

  • Review of your current strategy and profiles
  • Demographic research to discover where ‘your’ potential clients are
  • Setup, branding, and search optimization of your profiles
  • Integration of profiles through one tool allowing multi-profile posts through one source
  • Creation of who, what, where, when, why strategy to ensure success through consistency