Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

The internet allows you to reach millions of customers each and every day.

Is your business staying ahead, or are you losing out to those who are already there?


ArMuS has been developing high impact internet marketing creative for clients for nearly 15 years, long before Web 2.0 was in the mix. With questions of: where do we compete, what do we say, can we still use our Pay Per Click, do we use Twitter and what type of Facebook Pages do we need, today’s web is evolving at a dizzying pace.


We can help you develop online marketing strategies that get you out there, get you talking and help you compete. As industries shift from traditional media to more targeted, measurable means for gaining new customers and strengthening the bond with existing customers, we can help you redefine your online goals, and apply the strategies designed to achieve them.


Search Engine Opimtization (SEO):

Search Engine OpimtizationHow do you attract the right visitors to your business or event website? Even if you have a great website, how do you get those most desirable people to find your site? We use the latest search engine marketing tools to aid in ensuring that the top search engines give your website the highest possible rankings for your keywords and keyword phrases.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of designing, writing, programming, and structuring a website so that it will rank high in search-engine results. Unlike paid search-engine ads or, "inorganic listings", which typically appear as “sponsored ads” at the top or side of a search results page, “organic listings” appear in the body of the search results page. These are ranked based upon complex changing algorithm ranking systems, which are uniquely determined by each individual search engine. Organic listings typically make up the majority of the search results page and can be ethically manipulated by experts through proven search engine optimization techniques.